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Education – Important for Development

“Education is a significant engine to an individual’s development. It is through education that the son of a peasant becomes a surgeon and the kid of a farmer becomes president of a great nation”, says Nelson Mandella, a prominent statesman. The fact of this statement can be valued only if one realize the importance and significance of early childhood education.

From the very moment your little one opens his eyes he begins to learn. Till the age of 8 your child is in a crucial state of learning it’s the stage when your child’s personality is being fashioned. Early childhood education for deprived children can significantly enhance their cognitive skills, leading to a great personality growth and school success. Although cognitive skills like IQ may not show tremendous changes but will be polished and standardized aptitude assessment will enhance abilities like reading and mental math.

Several economic and communal trends have contributed in developing understanding of early childhood education. By 1960 the schooling of young children was considered mainly a subject of parenting at home. Since that time people have become more concerned about sending their children to a structured institute for acquiring early education. At present, a number of little ones in the United States spend half of their day in a daycare or pre-school centers, away from their parents. Children crowd at a centre-based program is becoming a custom at the age of three. Centre-based programs are observed in a variety of names – preschool, nursery school and child care etc. Starting from 2 days a week to 250 days a year, these institutions offer different number of academic hours. As non-parental tutoring of little broods have become a norm, the degree to which such programs influence children’s learning and growth has turn out to be a crucial subject for families and government of USA.

There are certain concerns that parents may be ignorant of their possible decisions about early care and are not completely aware of the constructive or adverse impacts of education on their child’s growth. However some of the researchers believe that public support and encouragement for early education will enhance the productivity of educational system and reduce the educational, economical and social disparities.